Making Retirement the Happiest Time of Your Life

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A proven system for living a Healthy, Happy, fulfilling life after your career.

Some of us sail happily into the retirement sunset – but most of us face a few challenges adjusting to this new time of our lives. So much changes when you move away from all those years of your career. Figuring out how to replace the good things takes some work. For some of us, that is a real struggle. But, most of us just feel a bit directionless and a drift. As one of my clients said , “I just don’t want to have any regrets.”

You probably did a lot to plan your financial portfolio so you could really enjoy this relaxed and fun time of your life. You planned where you wanted to live, your toys, and where you wanted to travel.

But, no one told you that  you also need a Happiness Portfolio®. Without one, after the initial glows fades, you are very likely to find yourself wondering if there isn’t something more to make you feel that your life is happy and fulfilling. This workshop guides you to building the life you want in your Third Act.

The information and exercises in this course are part of the system I developed based on my studies and successful work with private clients. I teach it in live workshops and now it is available for you to follow at your own pace – and at a fraction of the cost of private coaching.


Session One – It isn’t “retirement” any more – so what is it?

In Session One you will discover ….

  • How the world of “retirement” is different today and the challenges and opportunities it brings.
  • Some myths about retirement and why they are nonsense.
  • Why within the first 5 years of retiring, nearly 70% of people have difficulty coping with their new life.
  • You have spent time building your financial portfolio. No one ever told you have important it is have a Happiness Portfolio™. You will learn what that means and why it is important to actively design the next one-third of your life. At the end of this workshop you will have built your own Happiness Portfolio™.
  • The four stages of retirement and why it helps to know this.
  • The process we all go through as we move through significant changes in our lives – and “retirement” is one of the biggest. Knowing this helps understand why your dream may not be unfolding like you’d hoped.
  • There is no right way to retire. As we Baby Boomers move into this new chapter of our lives, we are redefining the possibilities – and there are as many of them as there are of us.
  • The six ways people approach retirement and identify which you are likely to do it.

Session Two – So who am I without my business card?

In Session Two you will discover ….

  • Whether you used to define yourself like Deion Sanders, pro-football Hall of Famer, says most of us did and what that means for the new chapter in your life,

“Most guys don’t understand that playing the game is only what you do … it’s not who you are. Players who fall in love with the game get heartbroken because the sport doesn’t have a heart or the ability to love you back.”

  • How you can figure out who you are now that your business card doesn’t mean anything.
  • Why knowing which one of six personality types you are can help you figure out what’s next for you.
  • The importance of letting go of who you used to be and why that is so hard to do – especially the power thing.
  • The non-financial benefits of working and why you HAVE to replace them.
  • Why you need to feel like you matter to someone or some group.
  • The importance of planning your Happiness Portfolio™ and how to do it.
  • How to answer the dilemma – to work or not to work.

Session Three – What’s your “why”?

In Session Three you will discover ….

  • Why people like retirement expert, Nancy Schlossberg, Ph.D., say “Retirement challenges your identity, changes your relationships, and may leave you feeling rootless if you have no Purpose.”
  • What all the talk about purpose is about – and by the way what is purpose really?
  • The reasons why it’s important to have a purpose
  • That there is a new field of science that has linked discovering your purpose to seven beneficial aspects of your life and of the world around you.
  • How you can find your purpose – and we will take you through those steps.
  • How to write your vision and purpose statements – and you will walk away with your own.

Session Four – Building Your Happiness Portfolio™

In Session Four you will discover ….

  • The eight areas of your Happiness Portfolio™
  • Will look at the benefits of working either full-time of part-time.
  • Encore career opportunities – paid and unpaid – and the power they hold for your happiness and well-being.
  • The importance of leisure and the six types of leisure.
  • The role The question: To work or not to work – and why either way is okay. We of your social network and why it is essential to your everyday happiness.
  • You will complete your own Happiness Portfolio™.

Session Five – Making This the Happiest Time of Your Life

In Session Five you will discover ….

  • How to age successfully
  • What creates vitality
  • Why some people are so happy …
    … and others aren’t … and how you can be
  • The importance of resilience

Only $57

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