Retirement can be the best part of your life …
… and coaching can help you get there.

Coaching is a client-focused service which assumes you are healthy, powerful, and able to achieve your goals with effective support, information, tools, and guidance.

  • It helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • It focuses on goal setting, outcome creation, and personal change management.

Many of us use personal fitness trainers to maintain good health. Think of retirement coaching as your fitness training while you build your new life.

Reasons to use a Retirement coach…

  • Help you create a clear and specific vision of what you want your new life to be like
  • Support you as you move through the transition out of the career phase of your life
  • Develop goals and an action plan for each of the eight life areas that make up your Happiness Portfolio®

Why use a retirement coach?

  • Working with a coach can move you farther and faster than you can move on your own.
  • Your success may depend on having access to new information about yourself and the abundant possibilities for what lies ahead.
  • Using a coach can be the most effective way of translating knowledge into practice. A coach can help you use what you already know to make effective choices and take action that will make you successful.

This new chapter in your life is a journey – and it can be a very exciting one. Together we can transform your “post-career” experience into the best part of your life.

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It works because it gives you….

… effective tools and information to move forward.

  • A proven process for creating a fulfilling new life.
  • Numerous opportunities for supporting and enhance your relationship through this transition
  • Ongoing support so you know you are not alone.

How you can work with me as your coach?

  • In-person sessions with just you and your coach
  • Individual coaching on the telephone
  • Group of 4 or 5 people with similar needs with coach as the facilitator of the discussion