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Inspiring speaker, Marianne Oehser, guides audiences to achieve lasting happiness in a Sea of Life Change that can really rock their boat.

Marianne Oehser

Marianne is an expert in guiding people through mid-life transitions, especially as they move into life after a long career.

She tries to avoid the “R” word – retirement – because it evokes images that no longer fit the Third Act of our lives.

She inspires audiences to see the endless possibilities that lay ahead of them and embrace a meaningful, engaged, and happy new life.

Marianne has given hundreds of speeches, seminars, and workshops with rave reviews. Here are just a few of the comments…

  • “Outstanding speech. Very informative and very interesting. Something every one can benefit from. Terrific job.”
  • “Excellent! Great sincerity and conviction. Given with passion. Valuable gift to share with others.”
  • “Great content”
  • “Great topic. Love your passion.”
  • “Loved the content! Great reminders presented as a pro.”
  • “Very interesting and informative. Excellent speaker – excellent content”

Event Planners are happy too:


“Wow….this is life changing stuff.  Information-packed …Love her passion.  Outstanding  speech. Very interesting and informative. Excellent speaker-excellent content. Great sincerity.  a valuable gift to share with others.”

Louise Gallagher, Organizer of Boomer Conference: Discovering What’s Next.


“Marianne was dynamic! Her enlightening presentation was jammed packed with value that left our members feverishly trying to write down everything she was sharing. She has an engaging style that made it easy for members to interact with her and the structure of her presentation made it easy to follow and implement right away. Delivered beyond our expectations… Highly recommended!”

Robert Laura, CPRC President, Retirement Coaches Association.

Sample speech topics

3 Secrets to Successful Retirement: and money isn’t one of them

Retirement can be challenging! It’s the time of your life you’ve been dreaming about. So why do 69% of people who retired in the past 5 years say they face challenges adjusting to their new life? Why is the divorce rate among Boomers rising rapidly while it’s flat or falling for all other age groups?

Your financial portfolio might be solid but what about your Happiness PortfolioTM? Most people focus on acquiring enough money to allow them to retire comfortably and on deciding where they want to live. But, they don’t think about three fundamental aspects of retirement that show up right after the newness wears off. If you are not aware of them your retirement dream can turn into a nightmare.

Almost every aspect of your life changes when you move out of the career phase of your life. That means you have to re-design your life. It can be a daunting thought … and an exciting opportunity.

In this presentation we explore…

  • The challenges and opportunities we face with every major change in our lives
  • Why you need to find replacements for the non-financial benefits of your career
  • Negotiating new “rules of engagement” with your loved ones

Attendees walk away with a set of valuable new ideas and tools to put into action in their own lives .

5 Steps to a Happy Retirement

Did you know that the two most dangerous days of your life are the day you are born and the day you retire?

According to a 2014 study by Ameriprise Financial 69% of recent retirees say they face challenges adjusting to retirement. Experts say that one of principle causes of the rapidly rising divorce rate among Boomers is retirement.


Most people focus on acquiring enough money to allow them to retire comfortably and on deciding where they want to live. But, they don’t think about all the non-financial aspects of their lives that will be changing and how to handle them. This is what causes the challenges so many face.

In this presentation we explore …

  • The challenges and opportunities we face with this major change in our lives so they don’t derail your happiness
  • Why you need to find replacements for the non-financial benefits of your career so you do not feel like you are drifting directionless
  • A proven process others have used to truly make this the best part of your life.

Attendees will walk away with valuable new ideas and strategies to start this exciting journey.

Transitioning Into Retirement

The image that most of us have about retirement is filled with the bliss of being free from the time demands, the pressures, and the annoying people we have to deal with every day. And, those are definitely some of the big rewards!

However, most people are not prepared for the turmoil that major change usually brings with it. It catches them off-guard and often sends them into a tail spin.

This speech lays out the landscape and prepares people for what to expect and helps them better understand what they are going through now.

In this presentation, we explore:

  • The four phases of the post-career phase of life
  • Why people so often feel like they are adrift and directionless
  • Possible pathways and ways to approach them
  • The need to replace the non-financial benefits of working
  • What a Happiness PortfolioTM is and how to create one for yourself

Retirement and Your Relationship

Over the past two decades the divorce rate among couples who are between 50 – 70 has increased dramatically – and it is declining in every other age group.

Experts say that there are several reasons for this. The key thread that runs through many of the reasons is that couples have lost the connection they had at the beginning of their relationship. After years of demanding jobs and busy family life, it is no wonder so many coupes have grown apart. Now that they have reached the stage in their lives when they can spend more time together, relationships either grow closer or totally fall apart.

In this presentation, we explore:

  • The things that impact long term happiness that are missing in retirement planning
  • How retirement impacts your relationship
  • Why feeling connected to your partner matters, what happens when the connection is lost …and what you can do about it

Thriving in the Midst of Change

This seminar explores the process we go through when we deal with significant life events, such as retirement, mid-life divorce, or relocating. Participants come away with knowledge and tools they can use immediately to navigate through those difficult times.

Participants will learn:

  • There are three stages in all significant transitions – the Ending, the Period of Confusion, and the New Beginning.
  • Even positive transitions can be unsettling.
  • Being aware of the process will profoundly affect the outcome.
  • The transition will take time.