Hack Your Retirement webinar with Eric Brotman

It was a pleasure to co-host the webinar, “The 3 secrets of the Happiest Retirement” with Eric Brotman, Chief Executive Officer of BFG Financial Advisors.

Don't Retire...Graduate Podcast Interview with Eric Brotman

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eric Brotman. CFP, AEP, CPWA for his podcast “Don’t Retire… Graduate.” We discussed how retirement can adversely affect a marriage, The importance of communication, what the happiest retirees have in common, and Finding happiness in retirement.

RETIRE WITH PURPOSE - The Retirement Podcast Interview with Casey Weade

If you can think of something that you do, where you lose track of time, where it’s just effortless to do because you’re enjoying it, that’s something you have a passion for.” It was great to speak with Casey Weade of @HowardBaileyFinancial on his podcast about the unique challenges people face as they enter retirement, how to build your happiness portfolio, and what you can do to find your flow state at every stage of life.