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Make the post-career phase of your life the happiest and most fulfilling time of your life!

Your Happiness Portfolio® for Retirement is a practical guide to overcoming the challenges most of us face when we leave our careers and creating a happy and fulfilling life. Just like you need a financial portfolio to afford to retire, you need a Happiness Portfolio ®to flourish in your Third Act.

This book includes valuable information and thought-provoking exercises to design your retirement life so you enjoy it to the max and feel that your life is fulfilling. You will explore:

  • Why this change is sometimes so difficult and what to do about it
  • How to structure your life so there is plenty of time for both fun and doing things that make you feel like your life is worthwhile
  • What it really means to be happy
  • Some tools for dealing with the bumps you are certain to encounter along the way

This book is right for you if:

  • You intend to retire soon or
  • If you retired in the past five years or so


“Marianne Oehser gets to the heart of retirement with her new book.  The reality is, retirement isn’t changing!  It already has.  So, don’t get left behind by only planning for the financial aspects. Use Your Happiness Portfolio® for Retirement to develop a clear plan for thriving in this next phase of life.” 

Robert Laura, nationally syndicated columnist, retirement coaching pioneer, founder of the Retirement Coaches Association, and award-winning author

“Marianne Oehser’s sound guidance is on the cusp of what we’re learning is necessary to successfully navigate the Third Stage of life.   From her unique experience in coaching and educating she has blended a sound potion which will clearly help us manage the slings and arrows of our aging journey.”

Roger Landry MD MPH Author, Live Long, Die Short:  A Guide to Authentic Health and   Successful Aging.
President, Masterpiece Living LLC

“Retirement is complex: preparation, decisions, location, life changes, the need for evolving meaning, and relationships are all at play.   Marianne Oehser’s new book combines thorough with accessible, a huge gift to both future and current retirees. Rush, don’t walk, to get a copy.   It could well be your most important gateway to success.”

Dr. George Schofield, Developmental and Organizational Psychologist, author of How to Get There From Here? Planning When the Old Rules No Longer Apply, recognized as a PBS Next Avenue Influencer in Aging

“There is nothing simple about the Third Act years, especially with more people rethinking and reimagining what they want to do later in life. Marianne Oehser offers practical encouragement to experiment and to try different paths to find your purpose. Her well-written guide to figuring out your next act also has exercises designed to stimulate your thoughts and aspirations. The Third Act years are a time for flourishing.”

Chris Farrell, author, Purpose and a Paycheck, columnist for PBS Next Avenue

This is a helpful book for people beginning to think about the transition to retirement, which can be a scary and confusing time.

Richard Eisenberg, Editor, Money and Work & Purpose channels, Nextavenue.org

“Marianne Oehser has provided a roadmap for a creative, happy retirement. Her use of cases, her many references to related works, plus her practical exercises will give the newly retired or about to be retired a guide to future happiness. A very readable, enjoyable book that covers every aspect you need to consider beyond money. I highly recommend it.”

Nancy K. Schlossberg, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland and author of Too Young to be Old, American Psychological Association, 2017. 

“Just as it is important before taking a long road trip to plug in your destination to the GPS in your car, it is equally important before retirement to set the destination (goal) for your retirement ahead of time. If your retirement destination is happiness, Your Happiness Portfolio for Retirement: it’s Not About the Money will give you a personalized and detailed route for reaching that destination. Using current research and extensive experience with clients entering retirement, MarianneOehser provides a step-by-step guide for making your retirement the happiest time of your life.”

Dr. Donna Daisy – Psychologist, Life Coach, and author of Why Wait? Be Happy Now

“One of the keys to smoothly transitioning away from your career into your next phase is planning what you want next. Your Happiness Portfolio® for Retirement: It’s Not About the Money will help you figure out what you want to ‘retire’ to so you land on your feet.”

Marcy Fawcett, Executive & Leadership Consultant, Principal of The Fawcett Group

About Marianne

Marianne Oehser, a certified Retirement and Relationship Coach and founder of Retire & Be Happy, is a seasoned expert committed to helping people create a happy, fulfilling “post-career” phase of their lives through her workshops, seminars, public speaking, and individual coaching. She also works with singles and couples to successfully build and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships – after all, having a solid relationship is central to creating a happy, fulfilling life.

Marianne has retired twice after spending over 40 years in the corporate world. She is a certified Retirement and Relationship Coach. She holds a Masters of Management from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. She received her training and certifications from Relationship Coaching Institute and Retirement Options.