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Audio – How to Achieve Purpose and Power in Retirement




You will hear:

  • What Findependence means and why you might be interested in it
  • What does the Victory Lap retirement picture look like?
  • A new model for planning for retirement
  • Secrets about how to transform a boring traditional retirement into an exciting one

Jonathan Chevreau and Michael Drak co-authored Victory Lap Retirement.

Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger and author based in Toronto. He has published two American editions of his books and ebooks: Findependence Day ( and A Novel Approach to Financial Independence (

Mike Drak is a 38 year veteran of the financial services industry. His core message is that the version of retirement being sold to us today is unnatural. It’s a man made solution to a man made problem which is in direct conflict with our natural instincts. Victory lap is his solution to the problem, which involves the creation of a lifestyle based on some combination of work and play that gives people what they need to enjoy a satisfying life.

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