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Audio – Living a Portfolio Life




You will hear:

  • What living a portfolio life means
  • How to create a portfolio life
  • The kind of mindset it takes to live a portfolio life
  • Some of the challenges you might face
  • How to get unstuck when you can’t see any opportunities for the future.

David D. Corbett is a nationally recognized authority on creating meaningful alternatives to traditional retirement and an expert on how individuals and society must come to grips with the 20- to 25-year bonus of active, healthy years their future may hold.

In his book, Portfolio Life – The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion Over 50, David challenges potential “retirees” to respond creatively to this new bonus of time and opportunity and to discard forever any passive notion of “retirement.”

Dave speaks widely, stressing that careers and financial assets are only parts of a larger search for purpose and legacy.

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