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Audio – The Many Pathways to Your Encore




You will hear:

  • What an encore is
  • How to go about deciding what you want yours to be like
  • What some of the fears and challenges are
  • What skills-based volunteering is
  • How to find a volunteer opportunity that fits you

Bevan Gray-Rogel is the President and founder of Encore Tampa Bay. (started in 2013)   Encore Tampa Bay’s mission is to provide pathways, programs and resources that help adults 50+ discover and connect to their Encore Careers. As an advocate, communicator, convener and connecter – Bevan is working with community leaders, non-profits, business leaders and educational institutions to identify ways to leverage the talent of adults in the second half of life to strengthen the Tampa Bay community and economy.

Bevan has over 35 years of experience in the field of Organization Development and Leadership. She has worked internally for profit and non-profit organizations assisting them with Leadership development, managing change, team building and strategic planning.

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