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Audio, Video – This package contains 12 inspiring interviews with renowned experts on various topics about life after your career. Each interview is packed with information and advice.




You will hear wisdom and advice from 12 highly respected experts in making retirement a great chapter in your life.

“”How Living Longer is Changing the World” – Paul Irving

“How do I get there from here?” – George Schofield, Ph.D.

“The Best is Yet to Be: Age Wisely and Fall in Love With Your Life Again” – George and Sedena Cappannelli

“The Art of Thriving in a Transitioning” – Susan Collins

“Living a Portfolio Life” – David Corbett

“Living on Purpose: Discovering Your Calling; Activate Your Gift” – Michael Gott

“The Many Pathways to Your Encore” – Bevan Gray-Rogel

“The New World of Work for Those of Us 50+” – Doug Dickson

“Vital Signs: The Nurture of Passion as We Age” – Gregg Levoy

“Relationships and Sexuality in the Second Half of Life” – Dorian Mintzer, Ph.D.

“What Legacies Are You Leaving – Consciously or Unconsciously?” Meg Newhouse, Ph.D., CPCC

“Too Young To Be Old” – Nancy Schlossberg, EdD

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