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Audio – Building Your Life Portfolio After Your Career




You will hear:

  • What it means to graduate into retirement
  • Six principles that are manifest in the lives of people who successfully grow into this phase of their lives – and the one that is really the core of their growth
  • Designing a Life Portfolio and what that is so important

Dr. Sadler is a prominent sociologist who has had a distinguished career as a leader, educator, author, consultant, and elder.

His latest book, Changing Course: Navigating Life After 50, focuses on people who are continuing to grow in their 60s and 70s and creatively redefining retirement. Dr. Sadler and his co-author, James H. Krefft, Ph.D., have been working with professions and organizations to develop third age careers. Dr. Sadler is a founding member and Director of Research, The Center for Third Age Leadership.

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