One-on-one coaching enables you to gain insights into the underlying dynamics of challenges you are facing and guides you to apply those insights to create the life you want.

Live Workshops & Seminars

We offer practical workshops and seminars that help you build the skills and tools you need to thrive in your post-career life.

Workshops At Your Own Pace

Explore the issues and opportunities that retirement presents at your own pace. This option is the best of both worlds – a structured and guided approach that you follow as quickly or slowly as is comfortable for you.


Marianne’s speeches share insights and experience about the challenges and opportunities in our post-career lives. Audiences walk away with practical advice and useful resources.

About Retire and Be Happy

Retire and Be Happy provides information and guidance for moving through the transitions that occur in the third act of your life.

Moving away from your career creates change in every aspect of your life. Although your financial security is important, your happiness and well-being come from the non-financial side life.

We focus on helping you live a fulfilling and meaningful life. You gain the knowledge and insights you need through our workshops, seminars, speaking engagements, and individually tailored guidance.


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    Success Stories

    Bert was a highly successful entrepreneur. He had been delaying “retiring” for several years. He loved what he did and just couldn’t imagine not working. His work was demanding and highly dependent upon him being responsive to the schedule of his clients. As a result, a large part of his time was devoted to his work. (more…)


    Shirley was a very successful sales rep. She was consistently a top producer and won a number of awards. Shirley and her husband moved to beautiful Naples, Florida with the blessing of her company since she could still cover her territory from here. About a year later there was a change in management and with it a change in philosophy. This team did not like “remote” workers. Shirley was told that she had to move back to the city (more…)


    Rich was running a very important airborne EMS unit in a large county. He was very experienced and highly knowledgeable. He had made significant contributions to improving the success of department’s effectiveness. And then he learned the unit was being shut down… It was devastating for him. (more…)